Monday, February 23, 2009

Team Jen

Watching Jennifer Aniston present the award for Best Animation with Jack Black definitely wins the Oscar for most awkward and awful moment to sit through. I just wanted to jump through the screen and give her a great big hug.

Angie and Brad were sitting directly in-front of her just a few feet away, with the camera jumping from her to them and back every few seconds, presumably watching for some Brangelina reaction to her presence. She stumbled over her words while trying to 'act' her way through a few jokes with Jack, looking as agitated and distressed as Robert Pattinson in Twilight.

Wall-E won (obviously) and as soon as the Oscar had been handed over Jen grabbed Jack's arm, yanking him off stage as quickly as possible. However, a minute later she was back apologizing to the audience because she didn't realize she also had to present Best Short Animation. Oops.

She did look gorgeous though.

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