Thursday, February 12, 2009

Knee high

Often helpfully hidden by hemlines, knees have never really had a reputation for beauty.

Most people are not proud of their knees, and it could be said the knee is a woman's least favourite feature. I mean, who would ever try and pick-up a girl by telling her she has great knees?

There are fat knees, skinny knees, knobbly knees, saggy knees...the list goes on. Mine certainly aren't pretty - I've sprained my left one twice and generally battered and bruised the right.

To be honest, knees get a bad rap in general. If you are knee-deep in something, it's usually trouble. To be brought to your knees is to be in a position of submission or desperation. To be cut off at the knees is to be humiliated, disabled, or both.

But despite all of this knee negativity, I think we should appreciate our knees more. Take advantage of spring, and the bare legs and short hemlines that accompany the sunny season. We should give thanks that we have the option to show our knees in the first place - we could be in Iraq, for goodness sake, or pre-twenties America, or any other place women can not walk around freely showing their knees.

So, if you don't like your knees, call the trainer or invest in some good tights. But flash a bit of knee; it's our patriotic duty to bring back the once secret allure of knees.

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  1. I would use a knees compliment as a pick up line. Great knees need to be recogized!