Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Marc Jacobs

Photos courtesy of nymag.com

This evening's Marc Jacobs show was a show-stopping affair to remember.

Being held at the N.Y. State Armory meant Lexington Ave was bustling with police, intense security, barricades lining the street, paparazzi crowding the sidewalks and women teetering in such mammoth high heels they could only walk at a snails pace from their private cars and up the grand staircase.

Refreshingly, Vogue Editors were as close as you got to 'celebrity' (Posh Spice and the Olsen's were MIA), and there was no shortage of breath-taking sartorial success's - while Anna Wintour had changed from her casual fur coat at Donna Karan into a beautiful black embellished number, Carine Roitfield wore a heart-stopping floor-length white fur coat.

Also rather refreshing was the show actually starting on time. 8.01pm saw poor journalists and guests who arrived late either locked out or made to stand and watch from the door.

The collection itself oozed an 80's spirit of New York, full of neon-yellow and metallic-pink - a colour palette that personally I could never see myself coveting. I was born in the 80's and to say I'm glad I was just a tiny-tot, able to avoid the wing-like shoulder pads, heavily hair-sprayed up-do's and weird asymmetrical prints is a grosse understatement.

That being said, Jacobs was able to make the 80's feel fresh, with high-waisted jeans, some simple sequined tops and a few futuristic but wearable coats. Overall, not so much my cup-of-tea, but I'm still in anticipation for what he conjures up tomorrow at the Marc by Marc show.

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