Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spoken like someone who's never seen a Cabbie drive

Learning to become a 'recessionista' in New York means cab rides start to evaporate right next to Dries and Prada purchases.

But besides being much cheaper, using the subway and your legs for transportation is so much more entertaining. For one, you discover (or re-discover) the city and it's endless nooks and forgotten gems; but more importantly, the conversations one overhears while on the way to work are so worth the sore feet and packed-in-like-sardines ride.

One website has capitalised on these conversations and sends spies onto the streets of New York to eavesdrop on innocent strangers, reporting on the many hilarious quotes they encounter.

Here is one of my recent favourites from Overheard in New York:

Daughter: Okay. So we've got to take the N uptown. It should be arriving on this track soon.
Tourist mom: But that sign says the N goes to Queens. I don't wanna to to Queens.
Daughter: Yes, it goes to Queens but we're getting off way before then. It just ends in Queens, don't worry.
Tourist mom: Don't worry?! The sign says the N goes to Queens. And that it's an express! An express to Queens?! I don't think so. Let's just go take a cab...It'll be safer.

--Herald Square Subway Station

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