Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coffee cravings

It’s as hard to find a consistently great latte in New York as it is to find scrambled eggs for breakfast in Italy.

It’s an understatement to say that coffee here is severely lacking. New Yorker’s are completely unaware that brewing a good coffee is akin to an art form and words like properly short, rich and dense describe something closer to Wall St bankers than an espresso - basically as long as it gives them their caffeine fix, it’s good enough.

Apparently, New York has been going through some sort of coffee renaissance lately, which frankly, is news to me. After one-too-many bitter and watery coffees, with something bubbly on top that is supposed to be froth, I found myself pining for Auckland's flat whites.

After a long and tedious hunt, I finally found five favourites that never fail to satisfy my crema craving.

Best Espresso: Gorilla Coffee
97 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Best Latte: Sant Ambroeus
259 W. 4th St, West Village

Best Coffee Bar: Joe
141 Waverly Place, West Village

Best early Saturday morning take-away coffee: Oslo
Bedford Ave, between S 2nd and S 3rd, Williamsburg

Best Old-World coffee house: Café Sabarsky
1048 Fifth Avenue


  1. Greetings from melbourne, coffee mecca.

    My favourite coffee in NYC is at Vesuvio Bakery, 160 Prince Street. Their cinnamon latte is always a delight.

    Great blog, Olivia, it's always nice to hear what is happening in NYC!


    Cameron Comer
    Comer & King

  2. Hi Cameron, I have heard this was a must-visit for coffee but it closed in September last year for maintenance and just never re-opened. I've been told a lot of sob stories over this so am disappointed I missed it.