Monday, May 18, 2009


Moving to a new city, while fun, can be extremely difficult and frustrating. You've left your favourite hairdresser behind, your trusted waxer, your family doctor. When you have a toothache and urgently need a dentist, how the hell are you supposed to know who to go to?

This problem was never an issue for me in New York thanks to an excellent website that acted like my best friend, mother and personal tour guide all at once. would tell me at the click of a button whether a certain beauty salon was in-fact worth going to, it told me which hairdresser to try out on a budget and still walk out looking a million bucks. Which cafe in Soho does the best bloody mary? Easy. What mobile phone provider is cheapest for international calling? Simple. Need a dentist? No problem, type in which borough you live in and voila, a trusted dentist reviewed, tried and tested with their prices, location, hours and even pictures all laid out for you.

Magazines can only help so far (we all know most of what's reviewed is to 'please' the advertiser), and sure friends can point you to their favourite manicurist, gym, ballet studio - but it's always nice to have options to pick from, with all the comparables set out nicely for your comparing.

Please someone start up a Sydney version.

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