Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cosy as can be

Images courtesy of The Sartorialist

It's been raining non-stop now for three days and two nights. It's freezing and I'm excited - I'm over summer (and this season they call autumn in Sydney, which is really summer all over again) already, the sweat, the humidity, the fake tan; it's finally time to bring out the winter woollies!

It's something I actually miss from the -14 degree New York winter - the fact you seriously needed to wear a beanie/beret/knitted-by-your-gran hat that covered your ears because otherwise they'd fall off (instead of just wearing one to 'accessorise'); actually needing proper, beautiful leather gloves lined with cashmere, because if they were lined with synthetic you'd have numb fingers as soon as you walked out the door; and sloshing around in gumboots because they were a basic necessity (walking to work in six-inches of snow without them is not a nice feeling), not just because they're the latest celebrity trend.

I love getting all cosy in my coats, beanies, scarves and thick woolly stockings, I can't wait until the rain stops and the chill sets in for good.

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