Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Basic instinct

Therese Rawsthorne S/S 09

Kate Sylvester S/S 09

Karla Spetic S/S 09

Ansdorf S/S 09

camilla and marc S/S 09

My week so far has been saturated with apricots, peachy creams and pink grapefruits with a touch of onion and cashew. All of these tasty things I'm very fond of when they're in their rightful food form, but when it comes to clothing, I think I'm missing out.

We've been getting ready for an upcoming Bazaar story on all things nude and it has made me realise that I have, in an entire wardrobe, one nude (which is really actually beige) item. One. The rest appears to make up a palette of grey, navy, white and black with a bit of higeldy-piggledy colour thrown in. How sad.

Alas, I'm now on a mission. When you're forcefully surrounded by countless Alia, Louis Vuitton, Lover, Fendi, Hermes and Chloe pieces, all in romantic, feminine, neutral tones, one is bound to get a bit inspired (read: extremly envious and a little bit depressed). But never fear, designers were extremely peachy keen at RAFW S/S 09, with the nude trend out in full force; so it seems we'll all have endless options when spring finally arrives some four-and-a-bit months away. But more importantly, they'll all be at a much lower price-point than the $39,000 nude Kelly bag currently sitting there, staring at me from the floor of the fashion cupboard.

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