Sunday, March 15, 2009

G'day mon amies

After a bit of a quiet patch (I returned to Auckland with no internet and I've arrived in Sydney with no internet) I'm back, this time on the sunny shores of New South Wales.

And so, another adventure begins and the challenge of finding your spot in a new city and looking for an apartment starts all over again.

While it's certainly no New York, I'm sure Sydney will have it's own good points - which I'm bound to discover (and report back on) after a bit of an exploration and guidance from some lovely Sydney-ites.

In the meantime I'm blinding people with my winter legs, enjoying delicious coffee from any cafe I walk into, getting frustrated because all the decent restaurants close at 10pm on a Friday night!, and cringing at all the orange fake-tanned girls that still think leggings are pants.

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