Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rub a dub dub

Our flatmates have recently moved out which means it's overhaul time for our apartment. I've never had my own home to do exactly what I want with (without having to worry about the clashing tastes, or lack-there-of, of all parties) so I've become a little bit obsessed with decor magazines. I'm now an avid reader of Good Housekeeping and instead of flicking straight to the fashion pages of the international mags that arrive on my desk once a week, I turn straight to the home section and pour over the beautiful bathrooms, the romantic living rooms, the amazing furniture.

But one thing that I can't have, no matter how much I wish for it, is a claw foot bath. One of my best friends back home has a beautiful one in her little rental cottage in Ponsonby and I'm insanely jealous. For now I just have to deal with our reasonably ugly, cemented-in bath. Oh well.

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